Five hundred years ago, the cataclysm only remembered as the “Last War” finally ended. In the south, humans fought devils and demons and established a ruthless empire run from the shadows by powerful but fractious mages. In the north, many peoples lived in peace with one another across the continent of Wersna, from the ancient jungles of Lasnar to the tundras at the end of the Spine of the World, but they have time and again had to marshal their forces to fight the undead that rise to plague the living over and over again.

The whole world of Aemos is sustained by the World Tree, a magical plant left by the gods, so the legends say. Now the World Tree has grown sick, infested by vermin. Perhaps it is dying. In its shadow, demons and men have sought the Diadem of Gilbatha, a relic of the lich-king whose name is now only a shadow of fear from before the Last War. If all five pieces of the Diadem were reunited, it might give the wielder power unknown for centuries. Or it might suck the last of the life out of the World Tree altogether.

No one knows. But one hardy band of heroes and antiheroes is going to find out.

The Healing of Aemos

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